Choosing The Best Rubber Hunting Boots Of 2016

hunting at nightThere’s nothing quite like spending the weekend hunting. Whether it be solo or with friends and family, it’s always a good time. But hunting isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It requires proper preparation, planned execution, and safety procedures in place.

As hunters, we have all seen the hazards of wearing and using improper equipment. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen inexperienced or reckless hunters hurt themselves and others by being foolhardy.

Out of all injures, foot problems are the biggest and most common offenders. If not treated promptly they can quickly become unmanageable and end a hunt early. For example, blisters, sprains, wet, or cold feet will only spread and get worse with time and increased wear. Eventually they can cause infections, frostbite, foot-rot, and worse.

I would like to talk about preventing these problems from ever occurring in the first place. It all beings with proper footwear. By using the best rubber hunting boots, you are effectively making your life a lot easier. No longer will your feet be soaked through. No longer will your toes be cold as ice. No longer will your arches feel like they’ve been bludgeoned by a hammer all day long.

Do I Need Specially Made Boot For Hunting?

We hunters spend so much time thinking about rifles, traps, and beer that we forget how important wearing proper clothing can be. You absolutely need boots specially made for hunting.

There are only two brands I trust with my money and my feet.

  1. MuckBoots – A relatively new company formed in 1999 with the sole purpose of crafting high performance, comfortable, and truly waterproof footwear. They produces everything with the highest quality materials.
  2. LaCrosse – They’ve been in the game for well over 100 years and have perfected their craft. These hunting boots are high performance and built to last.

The reason I go with these trusted and true brands is simple. You know you’re going to get a long lasting, comfortable, and quality boot. Also inferior quality rubber can give off a slight scent. This is easily picked up by animals and alerts them to you.

What To Look For In The Best Rubber Hunting Boots?

There are a few very important factors to look for when choosing your hunting boots.

Waterproof – This is pretty self-explanatory.

Insulated – Not necessary for all boots but if you plan on doing night or cold weather hunts you’re going to need them.

Lightweight – The lighter the better, hunting involves lots of walking around. While a couple of pounds doesn’t sound like a lot, after a day of lugging them around you’ll wish you opted for a lighter pair.

Cost – Most boots you end up paying more for the brand then the actual materials used. You need a boot that’s going to get the job done without breaking the bank.

Hunting Boot Reviews 2016

So, you’re looking for the best hunting boots in the world, let’s find them.

MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Hunting Boot Review
best elk hunting boots

First up we have the Pursuit by MuckBoots. These are my personal favorite and are great three season hunting boots. They’re also snake proof which is great when your going through shrubbery, thicketed, or swampy areas.

They’re perfect for warmer weather from about 40 degree Fahrenheit up. The lining is comfortable and wicks away sweat and moisture that’s accumulated throughout the day.

These are some of the best lightweight hunting boots around. This makes them superb for summer weather and great elk hunting boots. You need to be able to trek for miles and miles and lugging around heavy boots will only fatigue and slow you down.

Why We Love Them: They’re lightweight, completely waterproof, and built to last for years. The liner is very comfortable and locks your feet in place.

Where We Think They Could Do Better: They are not very warm and shouldn’t be warn for night hunting or during any very cold days.

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LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro Best Insulated Hunting Boots
best waterproof hunting bootsThese are for the true winter hunter enthusiasts among us. They’re rated for -70 Fahrenheit and hold up in even the most frigid conditions. They have a crazy 1600g of thinsulate insulation that puts them way above the competitors. Pair these with a good pair of socks and you’re ready to tackle the arctics!

They have built in shock absorbing mid-soles that spread the stress so your feet and knees won’t ache the next day. The liner is composed of neoprene which offers increased air circulation and wicks away sweat before it has a chance to buildup. These are, in my opinion, the best winter hunting boots available.

Why we Love Them: They are form fitting and mold to the shape of your foot, ankle, and calves. They feel absolutely amazing and won’t move around when you’re walking.

Where We Think They Could Do Better: Because they are so heavily insulated, they aren’t exactly lightweight. Some users find them difficult to remove because the padding is snug.

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MuckBoots Artic Pro Hunting Boot Review
top rated rubber hunting boots

These ultra warm boots are rated down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. They have a 5mm CR flex-foam that not only locks your feet in place and keeps them warm, but the boot doesn’t feel stiff. The high abrasion rubber outsole gives plenty of traction so you won’t go sliding.

The breathable air-mesh lining circulated air and wicks away sweat, keeping you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. These are really good hunting boots.

Why we Love Them: They are so lightweight for the amount of insulation they provide. The fleece liner keeps you warm without adding any unnecessary weight.

Where We Think They Could Do Better: While these are great boots that will keep you warm and comfortable, their durability could be better. They will last you a good year or two of heavy use but I wouldn’t count on passing these down the family line.

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