Choosing The Best Slip On Work Boots 2016

slip on work boots for menAs a working man you know the importance of having quality footwear that will not only stand the test of time, but also adequately protect your feet from the hazards of the job. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 13% of all injuries occur in the feet or ankles.

The average amount of lost work days for those injuries was 9. And that doesn’t even account for the amount of injuries that occur to subsequent areas such as your head, neck, or back after a fall.

The thing is, 100% of these injuries could have been avoided with more careful planning, execution, and proper footwear. But you already know how dangerous using old or improper footwear is, that’s why you’re on my website. Without using the best pull on work boots you are risking injury to your body to save a few bucks and a moment of your time.

That’s why I made this website, I was a victim of my own youthful hubris that will leave me with foot pain the rest of my life. I’m committed to not having another suffer repeating my mistakes. So, I have gathered as much information as I can and brought it to one place.

Should I Use Pull On Work Boots?

This is a common question that only you can answer. It totally depends on the nature of the work you will be doing. For example, if your job requires you to be ankle deep in mud, sludge, water, or snow, you may want to consider something a bit more substantial.

What I mean by that is that while slip on work boots are more comfortable and easier to put on, they pay for that in other areas. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using slip on boots.

The Advantages Of Using Slip On Work Boots

This is what you should be looking for in these boots.

  1. Typically more comfortable than most regular boots. They’re lighter, more flexible, and give you the ability to just ‘get up and go’ without the hassle.
  2. The least thought of benefit and most useful(in my opinion), able to quickly and easily remove them during break time. Giving your feet a little air after they’ve been locked up for the past 3-4 hours feels amazing.
  3. No laces YAY! I shiver thinking about the amount of time I spent retying or tightening my laces after they soaked in mud, oil, and god knows what else. Also, without laces I don’t worry about them becoming loose and tripping me on the job.

The Disadvantages Of Using Slip On Work Boots

It’s very important that you read these before making a purchase!

  1. Not great for harsh environments. For example, for very cold weather work, I wouldn’t trust these to keep my toes warm throughout the work day/night.
  2. They don’t offer as much arch and heel support as regular boots.
  3. If you’re working around extremely heavy and moving equipment they may not provide adequate metatarsal protection.

Slip on work boots are meant to be used for casual-light work and environments. You will end up ruining the boots fast and increasing your odds of injury if you use them improperly.

Here Are Our Picks For The Best Slip On Work Boots Of 2016

Okay, we made it through the boring bits, let’s get right into the reviews.

Carhartt Men’s Romeo Slip On Work Boots Review
top rated slip on work boots

First up on the list we have a fan favorite, the Carhartt Romeo. A powerhouse that’s been in the safety wear industry for a very long time.

They offer superior flexibility, comfort, and durability. They give the toughness of regular boots but keep themselves defined as a lightweight, more comfortable option.

They are made with a Goodyear welt construction so they won’t be breaking down anytime soon. Like all Carhartt boots they come waterproof and anti-slip. As an added bonus they are also resistant to oil and chemicals. The composed of a high quality leather that will contour to your feet after a few wears.

Why We Love Them:

They’re an all season, flexible, and super light boot. They’re ready to stand the test of time and won’t break down when you need them most, you know the late night hauls or overnight shifts. For the price, we couldn’t recommend a better pull on boot.

Where We Think They Could Do Better:

Out of the box they come a little tight. You want to break these in over the weekend before you take them to work all day. They also could have better arch support, so if you have odd shaped or flat feet they could pose a problem.

Click here for the latest prices and reviews.

Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel-Toe Boot Review

steel toe pull on work boots

Next up we have the famous Caterpillar Revolvers. These are a personal favorite of my good friend and coworkers, Josh. They feature a rubber sole, steel toes, and a full grain leather construction.

They’re very slip resistant and while incredibly easy to put on and off, still hold your feet in place.

Why We Love Them:

Many slip-ons don’t offer steel toes, these do. The full grain leather is of the highest quality and is meant to last for years of hard use. They are also electrical-hazard resistant. As an added bonus, they come at a price that won’t break the bank.

One last point, I know style isn’t important to sum, but let me tell you, these are a good looking boot.

Where We Think They Could Do Better:

The insoles they come with are a bit stiff and thin. I would look into purchasing a good pair of insoles with these and swap them out.

Click here for the latest prices and reviews. I want to point out that these are STEEL TOE, if you want regular soft toe CLICK HERE.

Wolverine Men’s Marauder Rubber Insulated Pull On Boot Review

 waterproof slip on bootsThird up we have Wolverine Marauder Wellingtons. These are made a little hardier than the others.  They are composed of full grain leather, rubber, and 200 grams of thinsulate insulation. Noted for there comfort and the many design patents that Wolverine uses in their products that take them above the competition.

We We Love Them:

The insulation is amazing. If you are working in the cold or snow then you need to go with these. They use an insulator called thinsulate that is super thin, comfortable, and lightweight. They have a multiShox cushion footbed that absorbs some of the shock of taking each step. Individually you may not notice this, but after a long shift, your feet will feel much better.

Where We Think They Could Do Better:

Unfortunately, they don’t offer a safety toe version and we think they should.

Click here for the latest prices and reviews.

 Georgia Athens Slip On Boot Review

Last but certainly not least we have the Georgia Athens Boot. These are what I consider to be the best slip on work boots of the list. They are my personal favorite and I have been using them multiple times per week over the past two years.

This comfortable, strong, and durable boot is ready to take on whatever you can throw at it. This is a top of the line slip-on that’s capable of competeting with specialized boots. It’s warm and completely waterproof.

We We Love Them:

The Georgia polyurethane footbed is incredibly comfortable yet firm, proving great heel and ankle support. The Georgia patented waterproofing has time and time again proved to the best in the business. It also comes with the highest rated steel toes available.

Where We Think They Could Do Better:

The insulation could be better and won’t keep you as warm as some of the other boots.

Click here for the latest prices and reviews.

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