The Best Snake Proof Boots Of 2016

I think I speak for most people when I say avoiding snakes is a good rule of thumb to keep. While I don’t live in fear of them, I respect the immense power that their bite holds. Their poison is capable of killing a fully grown bull elephant in a matter of hours. Now imagine the havoc it can reap on the human body. If i’m ever in snake country, i’m bringing my best snake proof boots.

Thankfully, in our modern societies encountering venomous snakes is rare and bites rarer still. If you are bitten, you will likely survive with the use of anti-venom and medical care. However, just because you live to tell the tale doesn’t mean you won’t be scarred for the rest of your life.

Surviving is only the first of many battles to come. You afflicted appendage will likely have severe damage rendering it swollen, infected, and in some state of decay. When it heals its function will never be as good as it was prior to the bite. The entire ordeal is painful and will last weeks and possibly several months.

I wont show you the images of the long lasting damage they are capable of causing. If you do decide to search these images, do so at your own risk, they are very difficult to look at.

There are some activities that place us dead center of the habitats of these snakes. Activities such as hunting, hiking, and fishing come to mind. Of course you shouldn’t stop these hobbies because of a fear of snakes, but you should do all you can to protect yourself.

Preventing the snakes from ever being able to bite you is the best course of action. The vast majority of bites occur in the feet or legs, naturally it makes sense to protect these areas better. You’re going to want a boot that is capable of withstanding the full bite force of the snake. Before we look at the boots, let’s look at how we determine the top rated snake boots.

What To Look For In The Best Snake Boots Of 2016

You’re going to want a boot that excels in each of these categories.

Safety – For adequate safety you’re going to want a boot that is thick enough to stop a bite, and tall enough to block anything from the knee down.

Weight – You don’t want to feel like you’re wearing cinder blocks on your feet all day. Companies that use higher quality materials are able to keep the protection up and weight down.

Comfort – Like any other piece of footwear, being able to comfortably wear them throughout the day is extremely important. Poor build or materials may lead wet, sore, and achy feet.

Durability – I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to buy new boots every four months. You want something that’s going to last years if not decades.

Cost – A lot of brands charge extra because they’re well known. We make sure these boots are cost effective so you’re not paying for a logo.


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