Best Work Boot Brands 2016

As a working man you’re going to need work boots, and getting the highest quality pair you could possibly find is always going to make a difference in the way you approach your job. A lot of people overlook the fact that work boots are one of the most crucial components to any workplace (that is, if the conditions are “hazardous” enough), but now it’s time to give them the credit they deserve. The best work boot brands that I’ve ever some across personally were always great to me, they kept my feet dry and comfortable when I would be working those long shifts during the winter. In this article we’re going to walk through 4 different brands that you could think about using, because they’ve been able to keep their popularity (and their quality) intact over all of these years.

The wrong pair of work boots is going to make your job a lot tougher than it usually is, because you’re going to be uncomfortable as you go through the motions. You also have to make sure that you’re completely accounted for safety-wise, losing a toe or three doesn’t exactly sound like the best thing that could happen to any of us right now! High quality work boots are only produced by a few specific brands, and we’re going to go into depth regarding those brands today.

Timberland PRO

Timberland has been one of the highest-quality manufacturers of safety work boots ever since they initially came out on the market, which is why a lot of people prefer to stick with this particular brand. They offer many different kinds of boots, as they appeal to all genders and ages. They also have an abundance of different toe make-ups to choose from, like: composite, steel, and even soft toe. There’s even a custom tab for those who want to create a pair of work boots for themselves, although that can get a little bit pricey.  This company has a lot of history surrounding it, and it’s one of the leading pioneers when it comes to the original work boot suppliers. Over a million pairs were sold by 1985, that’s just astonishing to think about! A lot of people wear Timberland’s as a fashion statement, but they’re still one of the best work boots you’re ever going to find these days.

People want a pair of safety boots that will not only be comfortable, but they’ll last for an extended amount of time. When you’re making use of the Timberland brand, you’ll understand the amount of quality that these boots bring to the table; I actually have a pair from about 3-4 years ago myself (and they’re still in great shape).


If you’re in the construction industry than you’re already accustomed with this brand, as Caterpillar (usually referred to as “CAT”) is one of the leading brands when it comes to providing outdoor wear and work clothing. They make fantastic clothes, all the way from jackets to hats; but there’s something else that they specialize in as well. Caterpillar makes some of the best safety boots you could ever hope for, as they’ll make your job much easier (and much more manageable). Caterpillar has essentially every single toe imaginable, and offers an abundance of waterproof safety boots as well. The prices are more than reasonable, hence why so many people enjoy buying boots of this variety. They don’t have to spend half of  their monthly income to afford a pair of the best work boot brands, and they’ll also be able to use them for an extended period of time.

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as well as blends. You could get a composite toe work boot that’s also waterproof for a little under $130.00, it’s quite intriguing!


Worksman brands that produce a high quality work boot will always stick around for the long run, and Wolverine is just evidence of that. This is the brand that will provide you work protection from head to toe, meaning they provide clothes as well as footwear. The best safety boot brands are the ones that not only innovate, but innovate in the right way. The “Overman” boot from Wolverine has been getting raving reviews, because they’re safety toed boots that feel lighter than you could think. Safety toe boots (which are steel or composite toes) will always feel a little heavier, that is, unless you make use of Wolverine’s Overman boot. The craftsmanship value that this particular brand brings to the market is astounding, so if you want a well made pair of the best work safety boots, I would suggest checking out what Wolverine has to offer.


Thorogood is fantastic right away because there’s a certain expectation set in place, and that’s only due to the fact that Thorogood has been around as long as we can remember. They’re based in America, so every single pair of safety boots you see being manufactured and sold by these people comes from the heart of the United States. They’ve been going through the manufacturing process (that is, the Weinbrenner Shoe Company, whom provides these boots for Thorogood) ever since 1892, so after well over 100 years, it seems as if they’ve managed to perfect everything. The best work boot brands are ones that will take care of your needs, and Thorogood manages that just fine. There are plenty of other boot-types to take in, as they carry both soft toe and steel toe (safety toe).

If you want to buy a pair of the best safety boot brands, you’re going to have to look around a bit. Checking out either of the four brands we’ve just listed will put you on track, but it isn’t going to completely solve the problem. These are the perfect brand of boots, regardless of your industry. American made is a quality you don’t find all too often, so take it in while you can.

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